Monday, February 1, 2010

Richard Pryor : "I ain't dead yet mutha fucka" - Live in Concert stand up comedy

Richard Pryor is without a doubt one of the best stand-up performers to ever grab a mike, because he breaks the performance wall, and just has a conversation with the audience, which is rare for a comic to do. He talks to the audience, and involves them in the show, and the things he talks about on stage are not really jokes, but his retelling of certain life events that he has had, and you get the feeling that you would be hearing the same thing if you were just sitting alone with him in a room, and that is what makes his comedy so good, that conversational quality. No other comic that I can think of has done that with such a level of success that Pryor did...he was a real natural.
No, he's not dead! Like any other actor or artist, he lives trough his movies and stand up shows. This is "Live in Concert" show back in '79. Enjoy!

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